Schedule a Benchmark

The purpose of Study Island benchmarking is to get a snapshot of student proficiencies in relation to state standards and/or Common Core State Standards. With four versions of each test, students can be assessed at multiple times during the year. These assessments will give teachers and administrators valuable diagnostic information that can be used to guide classroom instruction.
There are 4 benchmarks tests available in each subject and grade level which your school has purchased. To use benchmarking effectively, schools should administer 3 or 4 benchmark tests for each subject. The tests should be evenly spaced throughout the school year.

To Schedule a Benchmark:
1. Log into the Admin Page and click "Benchmarking" on the left side of the screen.
2. Click "Schedule a Benchmark."
3. Choose a Program, Subject, and Benchmark Test using the dropdown boxes.
4. Use the check boxes in the 'Select a Class' drop down menu to select either one or multiple classes and grade levels.
5. Choose the dates and times for your benchmark.
6. Choose whether to allow questions to be randomized.
7. Click "Schedule Benchmark Test."

Based on customer feedback, educators now have the flexibility to manage the randomization of questions in benchmark tests. Selecting no randomization means that all students will get the same questions in the same order. This gives the teacher access to Printable worksheet/test preview for teacher to refer to or to go through as a class. Once the benchmark as been created, it will indicate questions are not randomized in the test. Note: This setting can’t be changed.